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"You're Going To Be A Bean Counter?"

Kelly Hansen

March 8, 2016

“You’re going to be a bean counter?”

The way he said it, you would have thought I told him I was going to use my recently earned college education to become a circus performer! Once his friends acknowledged the CPA profession as “legit”, however, and told him just how rare it was for someone to pass the CPA exam the first time around, he changed his tune...


Initial Steps After the Loss of a Loved One

February 16, 2016

Initial Steps after the Loss of a Loved One For Financial Purposes

Losing a loved one can happen suddenly or can happen after a prolonged illness, and in either situation, it brings with it a lifetime of emotions that many of us may not be ready to face. At the point where we are asked to face our...


Are you an Employer or an Employee? New Health Care Information Forms for 2015!

January 20, 2016

Many of us are either employers and/or employees.  The NEW Health Care Information Forms (1095A, 1095B and 1095C) will most likely affect you!  These forms are required for certain employers to issue, and also to be aware of should their employees need guidance.  In addition to consulting with your benefits provider and insurer, the link below summarizes these...


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